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In Ospina Abogados we are aware of the diverse necessities of every client. For that reason, we offer a personalized and professional attention to every case.

Ospina Abogados has been rated as the best criminal law firm in Madrid in 2018 by the critic, by its customers and it is acknowledged as one of the best criminal law firms in Spain.

The philosophy of this law firm is based on offering the highest level of criminal legal assistance, always adjusting to the specific necessities of every costumer and dealing with every case on its own.

His founder partner, Juan Gonzalo Ospina, is one of the current deputies of the governing board of the Madrid Bar Association. Licenced in Law and Political Science, he has been president of the Association of Young Lawyers since 2017.

In Ospina Abogados we guarantee the best criminal legal assistance the 24h of the 365 days a year.

That is why, we have a team of criminal lawyers located in Madrid and a phone number to assist you any moment of the day, go to the police station or for an assistance at the airport.

Criminal Law: Crimes and sentences

  • Crime of injury
  • Crime against moral integrity
  • Domestic violence crime
  • Torture crime
  • Crime of attack,resistance and disobedience to authority
  • Harassment crime
  • Drug trafficking

Crimes against sexual freedom

  • Crime of sexual assault
  • Crime of sexual abuse
  • Corruption crime of children under sixteen
  • Sexual harassment crime
  • Exhibitionism and sexual provocation
  • Prostitution and sexual exploitation

Penitentiary law

  • Police station assistance
  • Preventive prison and prison assistance
  • Assistance at the airport
  • European Detention and Delivery Order
  • Extraditions

White collar crime

  • Crime of misappropriation
  • Crime of unfair administration
  • Theft and robbery crime
  • Crime of documentary falsehood
  • Property lifting crime
  • Crime of fraud
  • Crimes against the Public Treasury
  • Crimes against Social Security

Corruption crimes

  • Influence traffic offense
  • Crime of prevarication
  • Crime of fraud and illegal levy
  • Bribery crime
  • Crime for Embezzlement

Vial security felony

  • Crime for speeding
  • Driving crime under the influence of toxic drugs, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances
  • Reckless Driving Crime
  • Driving crime with manifest contempt for the lives of others
  • Crime of abandonment of the accident site
  • Crime of refusal to submit to Breathalyzer tests


For any emergency related to a crime or international penal case, our team of lawyers specialized in detentions and assistance at the police station, European arrest warrant, Extraditions and assistance at the airport, will contact you immediately to guarantee the right of defence and protect the interests and the freedom of our customers.

Our criminal law office located in Madrid is specialized in international criminal and economic law, offering the best line of defence in every kind of proceedings related to the National High Court.

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